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Exclusive Educational

Exclusive Educational Products is an all-Canadian company, providing Quality Products for Quality Education for over 23 years! We are also one of Canada’s leading publishers, manufacturers and distributors of educational materials. edu-material-750x330

Responding to the trends in education, we have focused our expertise on design/technology for students and teachers. We have over fifty experienced and highly qualified educators working on our resources to make teaching more enjoyable and successful.

With the education system emphasizing the “hands on” approach to learning, we have met the demands of today’s curriculum by having many of the materials we publish listed as key resources by Provincial Departments of Education and Boards of Education across Canada.

We are also introducing a new service where we will be publishing informative educational articles on different technology topics so that people and kids of this generation are more aware about the current trends of technology.


We have on our writing staff, three recipients of the Prime Minister’s Award for excellence in Mathematics, at the national, provincial and regional levels. Our reputation for quality has received worldwide attention. We export our products to educational facilities in such countries as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Oman, France and the United Kingdom.

We continue to develop these new and innovative products for today’s and tomorrow’s education. Wherever possible, we publish our resources in both English and French. Our on-line catalogue contains over 2,000 products and we are also the Canadian Distributor of Learning Resources USA.