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Giving Employee Feedback through 360 Degree Reviews

Organizations often look out for various approaches that can help in improving the performance of the employees. One such efficient review tool that is available for the employees is 360 degree feedback. Well, employee feedback can be very valuable for an organization as it can help in determining the performance of employees and also their behavior within their organization.


What is 360 Degree Feedback?

360 degree feedback is an evaluation and assessment tool through which valuable feedback about an employee’s performance and behavior is given. 360 degree reviews is mainly provided by all members who works within an organization like supervisors, colleagues, managers, peers, and so on. The feedback provides a comprehensive view about an employee.

360 degree reviews

Why Feedback Is Necessary?

Feedback is extremely necessary for an organization. It is often used by organizations to help employees in becoming aware of their strengths and weakness. Based on the feedback report, employers can easily develop an action plan which can help them in improving their skills.

Organizations are often using 360 degree reviews as a part of performance management process. It can help employees and organizations in many ways. They are:


  • Well-rounded Look

An employee gets feedback from various sources like managers, peers, colleagues, and so on. The feedback is invaluable for the employees as it provides an all-rounded view about an employee.


  • Honest View

360 degree reviews or 360 degree assessment is ideal for giving employee feedback in a honest manner. As it involves everyone and not only managers the reviews are honest. Managers won’t be able to provide any biased reviews about an employee.


  • Forward Looking360 degree review

Even though there has been a huge debate on 360 degree performance assessment as it is not great assessment tool. However, it’s not true. The reviews can help an employee to understand how they are performing in relation to their goals. In fact, it can help them to easily learn the skills they need to develop in order to perform even better.


  • Strengthen Employee Engagement

When an employee receives an honest feedback about their strengths, weaknesses, it can help employees to come up with a plan of action. Once they know how they are perceived in a negative manner by others they can work on it. Thu, it can be said that 360 degree reviews is not meant for criticizing an employee, rather help them to become proficient in their workplace.


Issues It Addresses

360 degree feedback can help leaders and organizations to accomplish their goals. The feedback can be used to spot issues before it can harm the organization. In fact, it can address issues like team collaboration, interaction with customer, leadership behavior., and so on,

It can be said that the purpose of 360 degree reviews is to prepare employees mentally about their performance and behavior feedback from others. The constructive criticism can help the employees get even better at their job. Well, employees instead of taking the negative reviews seriously should take it into their stride to improve themselves and get even better at their job. For more info, read this article on use of 360 feedback in organisation.