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Visitor Management System Enhances Security Measures

In the past few decades there have been many instances of breached security in buildings where a large number of businesses operate. This gave rise to the use of visitor management systems that help in tracking the people using a public site or building. These systems allow the collection of a vast amount of information about every visitor who uses any facility in the building. The usage is recorded and stored, thus documenting the whereabouts of specific visitors.

These public buildings which have a large number of purposes and uses see thousands of employees and visitors on a daily basis. The visitor management systems seek to keep a track of everyone who enters the building. This goes a long way in the prevention of theft, vandalism and other crimes and also maintains the safety of employees and visitors of the building. Given below are six important features of a visitor management system that can enhance and improve security measures:

Digital log of check in and check out

Sometimes, visitors logs that they are made to write by hand might be illegible and provide wrong information. However, with a digital log system, such problems don’t arise. The visitor management system will provide accurate information about who entered the premises and how long they were there. In case a problem arises later, this digital log can be checked and held up against other records like the recording from the security camera.

visitor management systems

Visitor badges with information

Every employee has a badge or ID card which contains all the vital information about him or her. Visitor badges are somewhat similar to these employee IDs. The visitor management system takes a picture of every visitor to the office and instantly a badge a printed with the name of the visitor, the person they are there to see, time of entry and the date when the pass expires. In this simple way, you can make sure that anyone wandering the hallways is supposed to be there.

Private records of visitors

A visitor sign in sheet on paper shows you the name and relevant information of everyone who can to your office at a glance. However, this is also visible to anyone who takes a look at it. This information, although not really private, can be stolen and used for unpleasant things. A visitor management system collects all information about the people visiting the office but this information is not invisible to anyone other than the authorized individuals.

Forwarding the visitor’s message

The visitor management system is also useful for the visitors as it helps in forwarding their message and getting it to the person it is meant for. If he or she is not available, the next best person is alerted.

To answer any possible queries that might come up, such a visitor management system doesn’t alter or replace your own alarm system, employee keycards or security cameras. It just enhances the security measures taken by you and makes sure that the risk of any unpleasant event or any unwarranted access to your equipment or premises is reduced significantly.